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tree-lined fairway

Mystic Oak Golf Course, opened in 1990, is an 18-hole course located in Waterloo, Illinois. The course features four tee choices. Yardages range from 4,739 to 6,358. The course is a par 72 with a rating of 70.6 and a slope rating of 125.

The front nine features a unique setup of 3 par 3's, 3 par 4's, and 3 par 5's. Long hitters can challenge the par 5's. Mystic Oak Golf Course seems to play a little differently every time around. A must play!


Tee Rating Slope Out In Total
Blue 70.6 125 3,203 3,155 6,358
White 68.9 121 2,998 2,969 5,967
Gold 66.0 108 2,680 2,641 5,321
Red 67.5 117 2,403 2,336 4,739

What Tees Should You Play?
PGA Guidelines for Tee Selection

(Average 7 Iron Distance) x 18 +
(Average Driver Distance) x 14
Example: 7 Iron: 140 x 18 = 2,520 yards
  Driver 200 x 14 = 2,800 yards
  Total: 5,320 yards

Using above example, you should play (if allowed) from the Gold tees to maximize your enjoyment.

Course details from White tees.

Hole # 1: Par 4. Play towards right side of fairway. Layup short of water. Tee shot of 190 yards will leave you a short second shot.

Hole # 2: Par 3. Two tier green. Play for center of green and avoid missing long right. Sand traps guard green left & right. Par is good here.

Hole # 3: Par 4. Drivable par 4, but playing an iron off tee can score you a birdie just as easily. Avoid missing left & right, out of bounds on both sides.

Hole # 4: Par 5. Let driver fly towards left side of fairway. Lake runs down entire left of fairway though. Layup is to 100-120 yards from green. Going long or left of this green certainly brings bogey into play.

Hole # 5: Par 3. Just a short or mid-iron, but shot is across water. Green is wide but not deep. From the tee you may not feel wind coming across lake behind green but it's usually there.

Hole # 6: Par 5. Dogleg right. Favor left side of fairway off the tee. Lay up your second shot towards the flat on left side of fairway. Third shot could be a wedge to this 2-tiered green. Good birdie chance!

Hole # 7: Par 3. Elevated green that slopes from back to front. Take one more club on this par 3. Short is OK. Be aware of flag position.

Hole # 8: Par 4. Favor right side of fairway. OB on left. Big green. Hole looks easy but par many times wins this hole.

Hole # 9: Par 5. Slight dogleg right. Let driver fly. Tee shot just right of fairway on hillside will usually kick down onto fairway. Green is reachable in 2, but water on left and 2 bunkers protect this 2-tiered green. Still a good chance for birdie here.

Hole # 10: Par 4. Find the fairway off the tee and you will have a mid to short iron second shot. Avoid going too far left or right with your tee shot.

Hole # 11: Par 4. Risk/Reward hole. Long iron to left side of fairway leaves you a short second shot. Or you can challenge this hole with driver; just watch out for water on right side of fairway and around green.

Hole # 12: Par 4. Drivable par 4 but trouble guards both sides of green. Lateral on left side of fairway. Key play is to center of fairway leaving you with a short second shot and possible birdie.

Hole # 13: Par 5. Hitting the fairway off the tee is a must. Avoid woods left and OB right and small pond on right. This uphill hole will test your long irons and 3 wood. Par here is a good score.

Hole # 14: Par 3. Island green at TPC Sawgrass? No!  But an island green none the less. Water protects the entire green except at the front right entrance. Pay attention to wind direction, get your par and run to next hole!

Hole # 15: Par 5. Hitting fairway is a must. Trouble left and OB right. Unless you really bombed your drive center left, second shot layup to end of fairway is the smart play, leaving you with a 120-150 yard shot across a ravine to a slightly elevated green. Use 1/2 to 1 club more for this shot. Par is always, always good here. (Check local rules signs at tee box and near end of fairway).

Hole # 16: Par 3. Uphill par 3 to a very sloped kidney shaped green. Take 1 extra club for your tee shot. OB is only 20 feet beyond green. 3 putts on this green are entirely possible. Be careful!

Hole # 17: Par 4. Avoid OB right of fairway. A good drive to center of fairway will leave you 135-100 yards from green. Green has moderate slope.

Hole # 18: Par 4. Great finishing hole! Slight dogleg left with pond guarding left side of fairway. OB is right. Tee shots to center right will usually roll back towards center. Large green could cause some long putts.

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